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Client Setup Instructions for Maple - Windows

A network license of Maple has been purchased for the entire campus. This license allows 100 simultaneous users to access the software. Maple Logo


Your computer meet the following requirements to use the networked version of Maple:

Special Note for Users of Previous Versions

Before installing a new release of Maple, it is recommended you uninstall older versions of Maple using the Windows Add/Remove Programs Control Panel.

Installation Instructions

The following instructions will install the required files on your computer for using the networked version of Maple. This procedure only needs to be performed once, but it must be done on every individual computer on which you wish to use Maple.

  1. Connect to the repository for the installation files from Box at This folder is accessible to all UNH account holders, but you may have to login with your UNH username and password to gain access.
  2. Open the folder for the Maple software.
  3. Open the folder for the version and operating system you would like to install. For Maple, you have the choice of both 32-bit and 64-bit versions for Windows. If you do not know which you need, use the 32-bit one.
  4. You will see an archive for the software. In this case, it will be a .zip archive file. Download this by clicking on the item and then clicking on the Download button that appears in the middle of the browser window. Be sure to Download the .zip archive to your computer. Do not Open it from the location.
  5. Once the download has finished, locate the .zip archive. Typically it is in the Downloads folder in your user folder on the computer. Right-click on the .zip archive and select Extract All. Once extracted, you should see the installation files to continue the process.
  6. Run the setup program named Maple...Installer by double-clicking it.
  7. If you have MATLAB installed on your computer, the Maple installer may request to include an add-in for MATLAB to allow the two programs to connect. If you would like this installed, select your copy of MATLAB when prompted; otherwise, just click Next if asked.
  8. Proceed through the setup program accepting the default settings. When asked to Choose the Type of Licensing, select Network License. Then, in the next dialog, select that there is a Single Server for the licenses.
  9. Enter as the name of the license server. Leave the port value at the default 27000.
  10. Click Install and wait for the program to be installed. This may take several minutes. Quit the installer.
  11. Once the installation is complete, you may discard the installation archive you downloaded in the initial steps.

Using Maple

Because Maple must check out a license from the UNH license server each time it runs, you must be either on the UNH campus on a wired Ethernet connection or using the UNH-Secure wireless network, or you must be connected to the UNH VPN service if using the software from off campus.

Once you have completed the installation, you can run Maple by selecting one of the items from the Maple programs subgroup of the Start Menu. For normal use, select Maple. Other programs such as Command Line Maple and Maple Reader are available along with several documentation files.

Assistance With Maple

If you require assistance using Maple, you can get help from the following: If you believe there is a problem with the UNH networked installation of Maple (errors obtaining a license from the server), please report the problem at 862-4242.

Uninstalling Maple

If you wish to remove the Maple from your computer, you may do so via the Windows Add/Remove Programs Control Panel. Open this Control Panel, select the Maple item, and click the Add/Remove button.