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Client Setup Instructions for Logger Pro - Windows

UNH holds a site license to Logger Pro, a measurement application used in Physics and Chemistry labs. The license allows all faculty and students at UNH to install Logger Pro on their own computers. Logger Pro Logo


Your computer meet the following requirements to use Logger Pro:

Installation Instructions

The following instructions will install the required files on your computer to use Logger Pro. This procedure only needs to be performed once, but it must be done on every individual computer on which you wish to use Logger Pro.

  1. Connect to the repository for the installation files from Box at This folder is accessible to all UNH account holders, but you may have to login with your UNH username and password to gain access.
  2. Open the folder for the Logger Pro software.
  3. Open the folder for the version and operating system you would like to install.
  4. You will see an archive for the software. In this case, it will be a .zip archive file. Download this by clicking on the item and then clicking on the black Download button that appears in the middle of the browser window. Be sure to Download the .zip archive to your computer. Do not Open it from the location.
  5. Once the download has finished, locate the .zip archive. Typically it is in the Downloads folder in your user folder on the computer. Right-click on the .zip archive and select Extract All. Once extracted, you should see the installation files to continue the process.
  6. Double-click the LoggerPro3_9.exe program to run it.
  7. When prompted, accept the default of English for the language to use by clicking OK.
  8. If you do not have an existing copy of Logger Pro 3 on your computer, you will be asked to enter a password to continue installing. The password is experiment. Enter it and click Next.
  9. Proceed through the installer accepting the default choices until you are prompted to Select Features.
  10. When prompted for the components to install, uncheck the item for QuickTime. Most users are likely to have a newer version of QuickTime already installed so you do not want to install version 6.5 that is included with the Logger Pro software. Once the QuickTime item has been deselected, click Next to start the installation. Click Finish when it is done.
  11. To get the latest release of Logger Pro, now run the LoggerPro3_9.exe installer from the same folder as the setup.exe program. Proceed through this installer accepting the defaults.
  12. Once the installation is complete, you may discard the installation archive you downloaded in the initial steps.

Using Logger Pro

Once you have completed the installation, you can run Logger Pro by using the shortcuts in the Vernier Software folder of the Start Menu. Logger Pro is installed entirely on your local computer, and you do not need a connection to UNH's network to run it.

Assistance With Logger Pro

If you require assistance using Logger Pro, you can get help from the following:

Uninstalling Logger Pro

If you wish to remove Logger Pro from your computer, you may do so via the Windows Add/Remove Programs Control Panel. Open this Control Panel, select the Logger Pro item, and click the Remove button.