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MacOS Drive Mapping for Microsoft Remote Desktop

To enable remote drive mapping for Microsoft Remote Desktop, do the following:
  1. Be sure you've installed the MacOS client that is available from the App Store by following this link..
  2. In the Finder, go to your documents folder. From the “File” menu, select New Folder. Name this folder something memorable, such as “Remote Desktop Shared”.
  3. Open the application from your Applications folder. It is called “Microsoft Remote Desktop”.
  4. Select “Preferences” from the “Microsoft Remote Desktop” menu in your menubar. Select the “General” tab if it isn’t already selected. You should see a window like this:

  5. At the bottom of that window, look for “If folder redirection is enabled for RDP files or managed resources, redirect:”. In that popup window, which should say “Nothing”, select “Choose folder…”.
  6. This will bring up a dialog box, and you can select a folder to share. Select the folder you created in step 2. Make sure “Redirect as read-only” is NOT selected.
  7. When you connect to an RDP session, you should now see your shared folder under “This PC” and titled “RDP Shared on [hostname]”, or whatever you named your folder. The remote computer can read and write to this folder - any file saved here will be available on your local computer, and any Remote Desktop systems you connect to.