Student Computing Clusters

Academic Technology has made the Student Computing Clusters windows systems avaiable for remote access while classes are being held 100% online.

Step 1: Install the client

First, download the client. Follow the appropriate link for your operating system:

Step 2: Connect to the UNH VPN

You must be connected to the UNH VPN before connecting to a remote computer. Instructions to connect to the VPN are avaiable here.

Step 3: Decide how to save your files

The remote cluster computer you are connected to will be decided randomly and it is extermly likely you will not be connected to the same machine the next time you connect. Therefore it is critical that you save your work to some type of network storage. Consider the following options

Step 4: Connect to a remote system

Click one of the following links depending on which system you want to connect to.

Departmental Labs (most are restricted to users enrolled in classes offered by these departments)

Step 5: Log In

Step 6: Log Off

Be sure to log off when you are done. If you don't log off you're preventing other users from using this system remotely.