Student Computing Clusters

Printing to Clusters from Your Own Mac

You can print to any of the managed printers on campus from your own computer, either laptop or desktop.

Installing the Dell 5130cdn Driver

The majority of the managed printer we have installed, including all of the ones in the Clusters and Dimond Libraries are Dell Color Laser 5130cdn printers. As such, you should use this driver for the Clusters queue.

If you regularly print to a managed printer that is not a Dell 5130cdn and you discover issues with your printouts, you may wish to use a driver for that model printer instead, but try the Dell 5130cdn driver first.

  1. Download the Dell 5130cdn Color Laser printer driver.
  2. If it does not open and mount automatically, open the Dell_5130cdn_Installer.dmg disk image file that you just downloaded.
  3. Double-click the Dell 5130cdn Installer to install the printer driver on your computer.
  4. Enter an Administrator username and password when prompted to authenticate the installer.
  5. Proceed through the installer accepting the default options.

Adding the Clusters Queue

  1. On Mac OS X 10.5 and newer, open System Preferences and select the Print & Fax preference pane. Click the '+' button at the bottom of the list to start adding a new printer.

    On earlier versions of Mac OS X, open the Printer Setup Utility from the /Applications/Utilities folder. Click on the Add Printer button to start adding a new printer.

  2. Select IP from the toolbar at the top of the window to add a IP-based printer queue.
  3. Make sure that the Protocol selection is set to Line Printer Daemon - LPD.
  4. For the Address, enter
  5. For the Queue, enter Clusters.
  6. Enter Clusters for the Name of the queue. You can leave the Location field blank.
  7. In the Print Using field, select the Select a driver to use... or Select Printer Software... option.
  8. In the new section of the dialog that appears, locate the Dell 5130cdn Color Laser v3018.102 PS driver. Note that you can search on Dell to locate this quickly.
  9. Click the Add button to create the new printer queue.
  10. When prompted for Installable Options, leave the settings on the defaults and click the Continue button.

Your new print queue is ready for your use, and it should be set automatically as your new default printer.

Using the Clusters Queue

The Clusters queue will allow you to print either black-and-white or color print outs. By default, the queue is set to print in color! Note that color printing costs more (50 cents versus 10 cents) so you will probably want to switch to black printing for most jobs.

When you are ready to print a document, select the Print command. Then, make sure the Printer is set to the Clusters queue is selected. To see all of the printing options, click the button with a down arrow 'V' button next to the print name.

To access the color versus black settings, select the Print Features item from the pop-up menu of printing settings. The Output Color selection can be changed to either Color or Black.

To quickly change this setting in the future, we recommend that you use the Presets feature of the Mac OS X printing dialog to save presets. For example, set the Output Color to Black and then click the Presets pop-up menu and choose Save As... to save a black and white preset. You can create as many presets for different combinations of printing settings as you like. Then, simply use the Presets selections in the future to switch configurations. Apple has a video tutorial on how to create Presets.